Ranger outpost has now been replaced by a new product which requires no installation, which means your files are also now accessible on Apple devices, and users on Windows 7 and 8 should find things are generally more reliable than when attempting to use Outpost in the past.

Please visit: https://home.tenburyhigh.worcs.sch.uk

Your login details are the same as when you login on a computer in school. Once the page loads, click on 'My Files' to access your 'My Documents' and 'Shared' folders.

Be aware you must upload any files you have worked on at home by clicking 'upload' at the top of the 'My Files' page and then selecting the file on your computer, and then clicking 'Upload'. The time it takes to upload will vary depending on your internet connection and the size of the file you are attempting to send. It may appear to be doing nothing if the file is fairly large, but with sufficient time it should complete for you.

Also please make sure that any work you do is saved in a format suitable for use in school. That means if you are running Microsoft Office 2007 or later, Pages or another equivalent on an Apple computer, or a free alternative such as Open Office/Libre Office that you need to select "Microsoft Word Document (97-2003)" which has a .doc extension, otherwise you may not be able to access them when you need to in school.